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                              Protect public health and the Bay, pick up after your pet!

Pooches for the PlanetClean Water, Clean Yards, Clean Shoes!
Pet waste is a significant source of nutrients and fecal coliform bacteria entering Sarasota Bay. Dog poop does not stay on the grass but gets washed down the stormdrains and delivered untreated to the closest waterway during rain events. To address pet waste pollution the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program has teamed up with its sister program, the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, to bring the successful Pooches for the Planet pet waste pollution education program to the Sarasota Bay watershed.  

Download the PDF

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Get free Pooches for the Planet door hangers and rack cards (in English & Spanish) for your neighborhood distribution by contacting or call (941) 981-9253.  Logos, fact sheets, links and articles for community newsletters to share are also available.

To watch a video about how pet waste pollutes our waterways visit


Fast Facts About Pet Waste

* An average-size dog dropping produces 3 billion fecal coliform bacteria.

* Research has shown that up to 95 percent of the fecal coliform found in urban stormwater comes from animals.

* Observations of people walking their pets in public areas show that men are less likely to pick up after their pets than women.

* A new national survey says that 38 percent of dog owners don't clean up after their pets.

Scoop That Poop!

Top 5 Reasons People DON'T Pick Up After Their Pets

1) Because it eventually just goes away

2) Just Because

3) Too much work

4) Dog goes on the edge of my property where I don't walk

5) It's in my yard where it doesn't bother anyone

Top 5 Reasons People DO Pick Up After Their Pets

1) It's the law

2) Environmental reasons

3) Hygiene and health reasons

4) Neighborhood courtesy

5) It should be done

Four out of ten U.S. households have a dog

American's 72 million dogs produce about 40,000 tons of pet waste every day!
(American Veterinary Medical Association)





A big BOW WOW and Thank You to the sponsors of our Pooches for the Planet adoption kits!


Target             Animal Health Center           Ashton Animal Clinic            Boneappetite

Fetch!Pet Care          Flint River Ranch Natural Pet Foods          Greencove Kennel

Fur Nanny Professional Pet and House Sitters LLC            Paws for Health          

Animal Rescue Coalition         Paws Playground         Bayer Animal Health Care

Sarasota Vet Center         Frontline by Merial       ShelterCare Microchip          

City of Austin, TX                University of Central Florida Stormwater Academy


Other ways to help pets:

Visit every day and click to feed a shelter animal for free! 

Local animal shelters need donations of:

- blankets

- sheets

- toys

- cookies

- towels

- volunteers!

- good homes for shelter animals!

Donations can be dropped off at the local shelter.  Contact your local shelter for more info on donations and volunteering or visit their website.

Manatee County Animal Services

Humane Society of Manatee County

Sarasota County Animal Services

Humane Society of Sarasota County

Bishop Animal Shelter

For info on non-toxic flea control download the PDF here

                           Protect public health and the Bay, pick up after your pet!

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