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Water conservation is a key component of Sarasota Bay Estuary Program’s vision of a healthy Bay.

An important partner in successfully promoting water conservation in the region is the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)


The Sarasota Bay area is under a Phase III Extreme Water Shortage Alert.

Sarasota County Water Restriction Quick Guide pdf


Reducing water consumption is one of the best ways to help Sarasota Bay

Run-off from yards doesn’t just happen when it rains; it happens when people over-irrigate too. Here are several easy ways to conserve water:

    1. To avoid over-watering, research irrigation systems. If possible, install a sensor that automatically shuts off the system when it rains.
    2. Install micro-irrigation, which uses less water and only where you need it.
    3. Set up a rain barrel, and use captured rainwater to water the yard.
    4. Put thirsty plants at the bottom of downspouts, and let Mother Nature take care of the watering.
    5. Heavily mulch flower beds to help them retain moisture.


Rain Barrels Are One Component Of A Water-Efficient Landscape
Rainwater harvesting is always beneficial, whether the water is used to water one houseplant or an entire garden. Also, the act of collecting rainwater can be an inspiration to find other ways to conserve water around the home.

The water savings from using stored rainwater rather than municipal or well water can be substantial over a period of time. A rain barrel can also help reduce the amount of water that may settle around the foundation of your home.

Download: How To Build A Rain Barrel

Download: Rain Barrels - A Homeowners Guide       


SWFWMD's Water Conservation Hotel and Motel Program (Water CHAMP) is a free towel and linen reuse program designed to help educate hotel and motel staff and guests on the need to conserve water. Participating properties receive attractive conservation materials free of charge. Not only do Water CHAMP participants conserve water, but they also save money, reduce staff time, and receive free marketing. Sign up for free Water CHAMP materials today at

Water PRO

SWFWMD's Water Program for Restaurant Outreach (Water PRO) is a free program for restaurants to help educate staff and patrons on the need to conserve water. All Water PRO participants receive professional and attractive materials free of charge. These materials provide tips and facts on conserving water and let your patrons know your restaurant is joining the effort to be environmentally friendly. Sign up for free Water PRO materials today at

Manatee County Mobile Irrigation Lab
The Manatee County Extension Service is offering Manatee County residents a free landscape irrigation evaluation. The Manatee County's Mobile Irrigation Lab will come to your residence or business to examine your irrigation practices and make specific recommendations to curtail water waste and improve your landscape.  Possible rebate for reduced potable water use is available! If you’d like to know more about having your property evaluated for possible water- and cost-saving opportunities visit

For additional water conservation information visit the following websites:

For additional water conservation information download the following pdfs:

Saving Water Outdoors

Como ahorrar agua en el exterior de su casa

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